Rundown on the different dog breeds

Poodles, Rottweilers, Labradors, Chihuahuas.  Discover what breeds of dogs there is, how many dog breeds there are in the world and read the complete information of your favorite breeds, in the info we have dedicated to each one. Dog breeds sorted by size.

dog breeds


The dog is a carnivorous mammal of the canine family. The scientific name of the dog is canis lupus familiaris, and this is because, in essence, a dog is almost a type of wolf. In fact, did you know that dogs can cross with wolves and have offspring ?. Do all dog breeds descend from the wolf? Yes, only that some races are closer to them genetically than others.

What is a dog breed?

It is said that a race is a set of animals closely related to each other, and with common characteristics, which encompasses physical features and also their behavior and patterns.

How many breeds of dogs are there?

The Federation International is an international organization, with members from 91 countries, which encourages discussion and is responsible for recognizing the official dog breeds of each country, also sets the physical standards of each race, and groups And classifies the different races of dogs according to their statistics and their aptitudes for the work.

The organization currently recognizes 344 breeds of dogs, although it is estimated that in the world there may be more than 400 breeds.

Dogs breeds

First of all, there are pure dog breeds. They are called purebreds because they were obtained by selection over the centuries or millennia, without having crossed with dogs of different races. These are the oldest dogs, you can check which are with a quick search. An example of a purebred is the Siberian husky.

Secondly, there are the races obtained by crossbreeding pre-existing breeds, such as the Boston terrier, which although today is recognized as an official breed, was actually created in the nineteenth century by crossing bulldogs and terriers.

Why types of dogs are useful

Beyond the aesthetic appearance, knowing the different breeds of dogs is very useful, because each race has a different behavior and temperament. To avoid future abandonment because you do not like how a dog acts or you did not expect it like this, the idea is to choose a dog according to your lifestyle, your personality and to be realistic with whether you can take care of them well.

That is to say, that if you are a sporty and active type a Siberian husky can be your ideal friend, because it will follow the rhythm, besides to keep you company. But if you do get one of these make sure to get a good escape proof dog crate for them.  Find some here

On a closing note, make sure that you do your research before getting any particular dog breed.  Some resources you should check are the American kennel club and other related sites.