Facts About Pitbull

It is a dog that at first sight may seem imposing. If its massive posture can impress more than one, the pit bull is actually a faithful, loyal and very affectionate dog.

Unfortunately, he is discriminated against and fingered by several people as a dangerous dog.

Since it is a type of dog, it is difficult to assume that these animals can be predisposed or not to genetic defects. However, given their physical appearance, we can, however, give you some tips:

Myths and reality

First, it is important to know that the Pitbull is a type of dog, not a different breed of dogs. Although the name Pitbull is the small nickname of the American Pitbull Terrier, it is not a breed of dog recognized in Canada. In Quebec, there are only two breeders of this breed of dog recognized by the United Kennel Club.

What you have to understand is that all the other dogs you see on the streets, called Pitbull, are actually cross bred dogs. All imposing, athletic, short-haired, square-headed dogs are likely to be considered Pitbulls.

It is therefore difficult to make presumptions about their behavior since the genetic origins of these dogs are vastly varied: Labrador, Sharpei, Cane Corso, Danish, American Pitbull Terrier, Boxer, Bull Terrier, Bouvier Suisse, German Braque, Weimar Braque.

Pitbulls are dangerous dogs?


Aggressiveness is a complex defense behavior, which requires several ingredients in order to appear in an animal. It is quite possible that some Pitbull dogs are aggressive.

Just like many other breeds of dogs.

It is certain that the bite of this type of dog is more dangerous than the bite of a Chihuahua, the rate of damage of a bite being directly related to the size of the animal.

However, statistics show that it is not dogs that have the strongest jaws, nor the highest rate of bites.

The pitbull serves only to protect and attack people?


Even though his musculature is impressive, this dog also excels in canine sports such as cani-cross, dock-diving, agility and makes a great companion of the house.

These are usually dogs that particularly like to play ball while having the reputation of loving to cope with the humans they cherish. Like all other dogs!

The pitbull is energetic


We could even say very active.

Can I get my pit bull involved in dog fights?


These fights are banned in several countries and their organizations are illegal! If you know people who raise Pitbulls to make them fighting dogs or know of a club that encourages this kind of practice, it is essential to denounce them!

These fights are barbarous and cruel!

Contact a pet protection company or the authorities of your city.

The Pitbull is a dog that requires very little maintenance (no daily grooming). Its short hair requires only a few brushes with a rubber brush to remove the dead hair.

It is a dog that supports long walks, but be careful not to expose your dog too long in the sun.

Its short hair makes it more vulnerable to sunburn. Also be vigilant for the cold winter. His coat of fur is not sufficiently provided to endure long outside winter outings.

Pitbull Education and Behavior

It is important to choose your dog from a breeder who is concerned about the well-being of the breed and who will offer a quality line.

From a young age, take socialization classes so that he does not develop fears about his environment, and teach him to walk on a leash, because later he will become a powerful dog.

In addition, the self-control games will help channel his festive temperament.

Trained with current and gentle educational methods, he learns quickly. The proof, he participates in several competitions of agility, advanced obedience and excels in canine sports such as cani-cross.


As mentioned above, the Pitbull is a dog that has a high energy level. He will be very happy to find a sports master, who will give him time to go for a walk.

Do not forget to pay attention to its pads and always practice these sports on unpaved surfaces.

Playing ball and bringing objects is also one of his favorite time passes.

Which breeds are the most dangerous, pit bulls vs rottweilers?

Pitbull is not a type of dog that is more dangerous than another. Victims of generalization, stigmatization and false beliefs, it is up to us, owners and lovers of this breed, to show people that these dogs are full of qualities and talents.

These dogs have a high need for exercise and that their predation instinct is easier to stimulate. Of obedience classes can be helpful for beginners in dog training.As with all breeds of dogs!

As with all breeds of dogs!

Encourage your dog to remain calm, regardless of the situation by using a good socialization.

After all, the Pitbull remains one of the most adorable of all the lovers by its charm, its cheerfulness, and its enthusiasm to always make us happy!