Best Hunting Dog

Hunting dogs help hunters during their activity. Being one of the first activities that the human being developed, domestication took place from its origins and, little by little, man has been selecting between different races to get the tasks that were necessary.

Meet the main hunting dogs and learn to differentiate each of them according to their peculiarities.

Hunting dogs must have in common a series of characteristics:

  • Good smell: Must have the ability to be precise with this ability to be able to perceive the prey.
  • Courage: Only if a dog is brave will he dare to approach his prey and even threaten him.
  • Initiative: Only the dog that improvises can face situations to the limit and get away with them.

With all these characteristics, meet the best-hunting dogĀ breeds:


Its extraordinary olfactory capacity is one of its best characteristics. They can hunt in groups or alone. When they start this process, they start to chase their prey while they bark to warn the rest of the hunters.

They have a great ability to detect the trace of odor left by a game many hours after it has passed through the place.


They are small and robust dogs that are characterized by being natural trackers. They are easily identified by the characteristic sound they emit when they hunt. They are very good trackers, but they become somewhat aggressive animals with other domestic species.

To become a good hunting dog you must be trained accordingly.

Fox Terrier

It is a muscular dog, with a thick neck and whose legs are very strong. His character is very alert and audacious. They come from England, where they started breeding to find and get the foxes out of their lairs.

They have small bodies that allow them to access small spaces and very long legs that help them to follow the trail of their prey.

These are some of the most important breeds, but, you can meet the main hunting dogs and encourage them to go out with them. An insurance with coverage for this activity will help you in case of any mishap.